About Us

Who is INSI, INSI is a group of different professionals: engineers, architects, planners, scientists, economists and other professionals specializing in the design of plans, projects and software for regulation And the improvement of physical, economic, and social infrastructure “INSI” is an Institute that provides research, analysis, engineering services, architecture, programs and services for spatial planning oversight & management , Urban, environmental, construction based on science innovations, and environmental impact assessments, strategic environmental assessments, rational estimates for public private partnerships, economic development services. For years, the institute-based experts were committed and trusted partners of both local and international public and private sector institutions and the private sector and civil society. We work with a commitment to integrity and We stick to the highest standards of ethics, quality, and accountability. From leadership to every team member in the field, we have a real sense of respect and care for the partners and places where we work and especially for the people and lives in which we have an impact on our developments.

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