We are a diverse group of professionals: engineers, architects, planners, scientists, economists and other professionals who specialized sustainable planning,project development rural and urban developments,training’s in improving physical,economic and social infrastructure,  “INSI” is an institute that provides research, analysis ,    engineering services, architecture, software development and services for construction supervision and management, spatial planning, environmental impact assessment,Strategic environmental assessment,agriculture and urban development  based on science innovations, economic development services and feasibility study for PPP . For years, experts who founded the Institute were devoted and trusted partner  to the local,central and international  institutions including private sector of civil society. We operate with a commitment and integrity and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, quality, and accountability. From leadership to every member of the team in the field, we have a real sense of respect and care for partners and municipalities where we work and especially for the people and theirs life in which we effect with our developments.

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