INSI is able to act as a liaison for funding purposes of large projects (investments larger than 50M USD) in a variety of economic sectors. INSI is able to secure a funding offer for the client assessment, directly from the funder, and connect potential funders directly with the client’s project specific funding needs.

INSI is also able to provide information of current investment opportunities in Kosovo for potential investors looking to invest in Kosovo.

Feasibility Studies

INSI is able to utilize data from INSI repository (economic development, public and social infrastructure, housing, environment, land use, heritage, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency etc.) toward the completion of feasibility studies. INSI has experience in conducting financial feasibility studies for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects of any particular nature. INSI is also able to complete tender documentation for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Kosovo, as per the current legislation.

Market Research