Environmental Impact Assessment

INSI’s Environmental Impact Assessments identify a comprehensive list of the likely significant effects and recommendations that should be considered in the decision-making process upon finalizing a certain project. Our specialist teams’ technical capabilities ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The assessment genuinely enhances the understanding of environmental and sustainability issues at a strategic level.
INSI’s Strategic Environmental Assessment services support effective and efficient decision-making, ensuring that sustainable development and other environmental considerations are considered in policy, program, or planning. Our specialist teams’ technical capabilities ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
We draw on our expertise across various environmental and sustainability domains and combine it with our extended experience to deliver a comprehensive Strategic Environmental Assessment. Our appraisals are tailored to individual requirements across various sectors. We work with clients ranging from local authorities to central government and international organizations to deliver a robust Strategic Environmental.
The whole process of drafting the Strategic Environmental Assessment requires certain standards to be upheld in terms of including and balancing different interests and priorities, including the public engagement during every phase of the drafting process, building municipal capacities through training and coaching, throughout the whole planning process to ensure that all standards and other requirements are met.

Environmental Planning

INSI specialises in identifying spatial expansion of pollution and degradation and needed protection and prevention measures from natural hazards based on the assessment of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, flooding, erosion and sedimentation, landslides, avalanches and steep slopes, earthquakes, high pollution areas, fire risk areas and the needed prevention and protection measures.