INSI has the expertise, capacity, and experience to provide professional support for various spatial planning authorities throughout the preparation of the following mandatory spatial planning documents:
Municipal Development Plans - multi-sectoral strategic spatial planning documents, which set the long-term vision, objectives, and goals for future economic, environmental, natural disasters, cultural heritage, settlement, housing, land use, technical, transport, public, and social infrastructure spatial developments for urban and rural areas within the municipal territory.
Municipal Zoning Maps - multi-sectoral normative spatial planning documents, which establish long-term type, destination, planned spatial use, action measures, development conditions, and restrictions for the entire municipal territory, based on Municipal Development Plans and justifiable projections for public and private investments.
Detailed Regulatory Plans - multi-sectoral normative spatial planning documents, which establish detailed terms of constructions, as well as additional conditions for regulating spatial developments for specific urban or rural zones as defined in the Municipal Development Plan and Municipal Zoning Map.